27 from RESTON, VA, USA

Status: Build: athletic
Currently: singleEyes: blue
Height: 5ft. 9 in.Ethnicity: White
Hair: brownHIV: negative
Sexually: ask me Body art: none
Looking for: friends, email/chat, love/ relationship, a date, ask me

Age: between 18 and 30
His build: slim, average, athletic
Sexually: ask me
Looking for: ask me
Whats good guys??!!

Sup guys, here is a little about me and wat I'm looking for and the way I think.  I'm a masc straight acting/sounding/dressing bi guy (don't worry, I'm waaaay more into guys than girls, haha).  I'm on the romantic side of the fence but also can be serious and like to keep things real.  I am loyal to friends and will move mountains for people I care about.  And if I like ya I will always try & make u smile & laugh.  I have lots of straight friends but sum have moved, sum got married in college, sum are just dumbasses, lol, & sum have met girls and now are all up their ass, so you know how that goes:/  But I have had a fuk'n blast with the gay/bi college guys I have met up with on their skool breaks these past few years (yes, I kno started late with all this gay dating stuff) but I have to admit I have very few bi/gay friends that are intelligent, that I can relate to, be myself around, and not have to hide my sexuality from.  But I don't make my life about being bi/gay either, and I prefer bi or gay guys who I can have straight-guy lighthearted fun with (the best of both worlds really) like at Ocean City Maryland boardwalk and with music, my two favorite things.  I also luv car shows, the beach, shooting pool, rock concerts, jet sking, and just chill'n outdoors by the water or under the stars walkin & talkin with guys that have cool personalities. 

I am a clean (hygenically, drugs, and std wise) guy with a BS degree.  I have a lot of ambitious dreams & goals, many of which are fullfilled, but fail or succeed, I never take the easy way out.  From what i have learned in life I can tell it's true there is good & bad Karma in life and it either punishes us or pays off one day.  I try not to judge people and usually give them the benifit of the doubt.  It usually takes a really long time for me to let someone "in" to get to know the real me (faults & weaknesses & really personal stuff) so don't take it personally guys, but I'll still chat with anybody that is cool, so don't be shy, even if you are just bi-curious.  I don't use the word "luv" lightly and have only luved, fully trusted, fully understood, and completely confided in (even to the point of tears) two bi guys in my life, both rare & special guys.  I like guys who like the outdoors, and up until this Winter I liked messing around in the outdoors or cars, but I met this one college freshman from Md (not on this site) half way at a mall and it was going great until mall security caught us in the parking lot with fogged up windows, haha (I can laugh now but at the time I wasn't).  They didn't see anything but told us to leave cause the mall's closed, but one said "next time pick a darker spot in the parking lot" and laughed.  He knew wat was "up", yeah, both of our dicks! LOL.  It was scary though cause I'm not "out", so live & learn and I am never doing the car-at-the-mall thing again, so don't ask.  Now the guy makes the extra time to drive a bit further to my crib, hehe.

Physically I prefer clean, slim or athletic, not too hairy white guys who are smart, loyal, mature but fun, occassionaly silly, and have a good heart that actually care about other people's feelings, even when it takes effort.  It would be nice to find guys who are as pashionate about life as I am (and sexual stuff too cause I'm always horney! lol).  I am usually the one my friends turn to to be there for them, and I am fine with that, but it sure wud be nice to have someone that I can equally count on from time to time, ya kno?  Looking for guys that have similar morals, ethics, and carachter, guys who have similar interests, dreams, and goals, and guys who think the same things are fun, funny, or stupid. Someone who is into more than just sex wud be good, and an intellegent guy who I can relate to and have really great conversations with & will help make each other grow as a person wud be fuk'n awsum :)

btw, I don't change around my top friends list on here that much so don't be pissed or overly bolstered if are on it or not on it.  So anyway guys, if any of this profile sounds like what we are both looking for, or you want to talk, hit me up... peace


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