25 from MONROE, NC, USA

Status: Build: athletic
Currently: singleEyes: other
Height: 5ft. 8 in.Ethnicity: White
Hair: brownHIV: negative
Sexually: versatile Body art: none
Looking for: friends, email/chat, love/ relationship, a date

Age: between 18 and 30
His build: slim, average, athletic
Sexually: top, bottom, versatile, not looking for sex
Looking for: ask me


Don't pray for opportunities. Pray you'll be ready when opportunities come.

Frist thing frist, i am a guy and act like one, not into guys that are fem and act like girls, have no problem chatting with you on here but don't expect a relationship. I have no problem if you are a little fem but if my buddies wifes are more manly then you i want really find myself into you, but no problem with being friends.


Well i am a kinda a smart ass who loves joking around with people alot...however i am not a crul person about it...its all in good fun. I enjoy cutting lose and living in the moment and getting the most out of things, more of a county boy at heart but enjoy all walks of life. I am always there to help my friends out when they in need. Enjoy customizing things too that is always fun as hell as well as building things....but i geuss those two things go hand in hand really. I enjoy wasting time on here just talking and getting to know people, if I am an open book for the most part like to live with a few standards like honesty, trust...so hard to find these days.

I can't stand being stuck in the house for more then a day really makes me feel like i am wasting away.

I do have a cam and have no problem turning it on to chat i really enjoy chatting on cam....however thats all i do on it, no shows! I enjoying talking and killing time.

Music? Well basicaly if i like it i listen to it, i have a wide range of things i like.

I am a grad from ECPI college of technolgy and love knowing how and why things work the why they do. I would like to go back for my BS in science soon. I am looking to become a electronics engineer, I have also condsider going into R&D somewhere in the science feild...still think it over.

My favorite vacation spot at the moment is the mountians, i have grown a little tired of the beach lately. I am in love with cruises cause they hit so many places but to me the ship it the funnest spot...out in the middle of the ocean.

I can be kinda compedivitive at times, nothing like a good challenge with friends at times..rather it be games, sports, or playing games. I don't get mad if i loss cause its all in good fun.

I enjoy traveling to different places and am always looking for a reason to get out and see the world. I think it exciting to see new places and all.

I think the phase "I love you" is missed used and over used WAY too much...nobody has a since at what love is anymore and seem to use those words as a way to get out of trouble or even think it makes everything ok....geuss agian these words should not be thrown around like a wet rag. Til this day I have yet to say them to anyone.

I love sports cars of all kind and lifted trucks....plan to lift my jeep some day and get my sports car. I use to be all american muscle but have really starting to like imports...so much more customiable plus seem to have the coolest electronic gagets and all, but still love my muscle cars. Love mudding on the 4 wheeler, nothing feels better then a day in some mud holes.

I have goals in life and i plan on reaching them, i think its good for everyone to have some goals. Even if it is nothing more then to live life to the fullest. Mine is to try alot of things which you will find in my intrest list but there is still plenty i haven't added.

I have gotten addicted to the gym. Really who would of though the gym be addicting think the membership card would have a warning on it lol.

I think a person's friends can reflect ones character, i am carefuly of who i call a friend and  just refer to as someone i know. I like to have postive friends who know how to have fun and be happy...negiative ppl bum me out. I mean shit happens and i am there for my friends but i am talking about people who are ALL negative. I live my life with some standards that you will only find in history books, and i don't do lies they are very disrespectful in my opinion...even if you tell it in hopes of making someone feel better in the end it will only get you into trouble. I my seem like a big ass at times but i am honest. Loyal i am, my trust you will have to earn and once gone will be hell to get back. 

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