Status: Build: athletic
Currently: singleEyes: brown
Height: 5ft. 9 in.Ethnicity: Pacific Islander
Hair: blackHIV: negative
Sexually: versatile Body art: piercings (ears), tattoos
Looking for: friends, email/chat, love/ relationship, a date, marriage, ask me

Age: between 18 and 32
His build: slim, average, athletic
Sexually: versatile
Looking for: friends, marriage, email/chat, love/ relationship, a date
Life\'s a roller coaster!

Hey everyone out there,

First off, I'd like to say that i'm asian but not "Pacific Islander" or whatever my profile keeps saying I am. I'm, as cheesy and stupid as it sounds, lookin for love, and hopefully it'll be with someone who's into health and staying active, someone who has a future/goals and aspirations, and can handle my sarcasm )

A bit more about me would be that I love to learn languages, take long walks, absolutely love to cuddle, and i'm pretty masculine but have the odd gay tendencies on occasion)

if you think you fit any of those catagories or just wanna chat or anything, just hit me up!


Can't wait to talk to ya!

Your result for The Gay Guy Test...


You are 57% a Macho Jock, 49% Pink and Femme,  and 28% Scene-Emo

You are a mixture of the all types of gayness. Nothing stands out in your personality and interests, you will fit in almost anywhere and arent classified by any major stereotypes.

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The Soulmates

Remarkable!   48 Love! , 32 Compromise, 16 Companionship,  37 Passion,  and 30 Selfishness,  14 Performance,

Wow! A result like this leaves you speechless doesn’t it? Who would of thought that a meaningless test of such simplicity  taken on a rainy night just to pass the time, would bring such an exciting concept to your computer screen!

I wouldn’t have!

This is the highest scoring result of this Quiz and together the two of you achieved it! How does that make you feel?  I bet your feeling pretty damn good aren’t you!

I must admit I am a bit shocked myself. I would have never guessed that this is the result that would be showing up tonight! But congratulations! This is Simpley Fantastical! Absolutely Wonderous feeling this is! Congratulations!

So instead of wasting any more time baffling over results  lets jump into what you came for.

It is said that a soul mate is one whom you share a deep and natural affinity of  compatibility, intimacy, and of course love!

The old Greek mythological story from Aristophanes states that humans were originally consisted of a being with four arms, four legs, and a single head with two faces (kind of creepy huh) but Zeus feared their power and split them in half condemning them to an eternity of  searching for their other half’s to complete them.

Now rather you believe it,  that is up to you, but here’s another one that might peak your interest.

The original belief of soul mates stems back from the rooted concept of reincarnation. It is stated that a soul mate is someone that we have encountered in many lifetimes before and have loved many times in previous. And it is because of this that when you first encounter your soul mate in the life you are presents living  the strong mystical feeling of deja vue overwhelms you.

Now rather you believe this depends greatly on your own personal beliefs on reincarnation, but the idea you have to admit, is rather tempting.

< strong>Another states that a soul mate is created when the creator takes a soul and splits it in two casting them into human form.Each half is supposed to learn the life lessons of which they were destined to do so at their own pace. When the two halves sometimes cross each other’s paths in various lifetimes they feel the connection of a strong cosmic bond because they really are of the same soul. They complete each other.

They are often very much alike, and the connection is often to much for the mere human with emotions and issues to handle, so regretfully and painfully they have no choice but to part ways. When they both have finished learning their life lessons, they are both reunited in heaven and come together as a  beautiful representation of love and unity.

The above stories are all beautiful interpretations that represent the reasoning behind a soul mate. However as individuals we all have our different ideas on what truly makes our soul mate, our soul mate.

As a couple:

Th e two of you have  the most powerful love known to man, the glow of your happiness radiates off the two of you like a cast iron street light breaking the darkness of a foggy night.

It is a rarity that most people are not lucky enough to find and hold onto.

Of ten finding solace in the rain, the vulnerability in which the two of you allow yourself to share with one another is a strength not often found in existence.

The ability to love one another flawlessly and to the absolute fullest is a concept that even the most educated individual has yet to master.

An d no scientific explanation or reasoning has yet to be discovered. Nor would we desire it to be!

Nothing else exists in this world but the two of you.

You know each other better than anyone could possibly dream, and why shouldn’t you, after all the two of you share the same soul.

And after a long journey your two souls have finally reunited.

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