Status: Build: average
Currently: singleEyes: grey
Height: 5ft. 8 in.Ethnicity: mixed
Hair: brownHIV: negative
Sexually: versatile, a bottom, ask me Body art: tattoos
Looking for: friends, email/chat, love/ relationship, a date, ask me

Age: between 18 and 24
His build: no preference
Sexually: top, versatile, ask me
Looking for: ask me
I\'m like a firecracker, i make it hot!!!
My Result: Trina
What Hip Hop Bad Bitch Are U?
I use this term losely..your a down right slut! But hey...your proud of it! You love to have sex and use sex to get what you want. You dont care what anybody else thinks and your proud of tha round ass! :)
 http://quizme.heroku.com/quizz es/240143/referrals/status?ai d=100000840440935
I'm the roughest boy and they don't call me that for nothing
diamond prince straight VBS stuntin
light hazel eyes, hour glass frame
still got the crown for best ass in the game
hips of a Goddess, watch how I throw em
so good it make em wanna tattoo my lips on em
I'm so bad and I rep that hood
....... stay wet, sex so good
18 years strong you should act like you know me
hair so fine make you do the hokey Cokey
a good stroke in and a good stroke out
now thats what Im all about
Im the baddest!!!
I'm Funny, clever, and damn well hot!!!! there's so much Born in the U.S but was raised in France and in Germany, i'm part French, German and yes American.

 I speak French, English, German, and a little Italian. i'm hot!!! as u may notice... what else... umm, oh and if your're the guy to rock my boat... hit me up or knows someone who can do the job... then u know the drill... lol " Just kiddin' about the boat thing" lol basically i'm fun tobe around... and if u know me well enough i can surely put a smile on ur pretty face :) :) :) au revoir... 

Oh and if u're a blackberry user email me ur pin, i'll add u.................

 " I'm Like A Ringerleader, I Call The Shots I'm Like A Firecracker, I Make It Hottt!!"



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