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If you were a member of this group before, you know the rules. The idea was started by captainsqueaky, then resurrected by bigwillyoz, who recently left. For those who don't know the rules, it's simple. Simply rate the guy who posted most recently on a scale from 0 to 10. 0 being fugly, 10 being too hot to handle.

Previous group rules by BigWillyOz:

All you need to do is join up, then post a message. In that message you 'rate' the guy whose message is at the top of the list - i.e. the one who appears directly below where ur own message will post (scroll down the page 2 see the messages). Scale from zero to ten. Zero being totally fugly through to TEN being the hottest guy you've ever seen. Type your number in a message, then also leave a comment if you wish. There used to be a group like this, but it seems to have closed. All credit to the guy who had the idea originally: CaptainSqueaky.  Please: no racism, no nastiness, this group is just for fun. Please invite your friends. Enjoy! Let the rating begin. Please come back often and rate someone and check on how people have rated you.
NOTES: If you don't have a profile pic, or your main profile pic is locked, then please don't leave a msg, as other people won't know what you look like, as your pic won't appear next 2 your msg. Messages posted by people whose main pic is locked or who have no pic may be deleted. Comments that are not in the spirit of fun of this group or that are offensive or personal attacks may also be deleted.
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