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A message about Gaymenshealth.org

Gaymenshealth.org is a health and wellness site dedicated to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered men and women staffed by professionals from within our own community.
1. Practice safe sex. Sex is highly emotional, very sensual, and a lot of fun. And that's why we sometimes forget to put it on. Don't let that happen to you! Always wear a condom when having sex with someone who may be HIV positive. Even if they say they are negative, they might not really know. The only way to know for sure is to get tested with your partner after three months of any possible exposure. Short of that, you don't really know their status, so put on a condom. Plus there are a myriad of other STD's that you could get including Hepatitis, Syphilis, Gonorrhea, and many others. So think ahead and be prepared.
2. Be careful who you meet. Remember that anyone can create a profile, and you should take precautions when communicating with other members. Do not give out personal information to strangers that you don't trust. If you do decide to meet someone, choose a public place where you can walk away if thing dont go as expected. Donít worry about offending someone and turning them down, chances are its happened to them before. Your safety is the most important thing you should be concerned about.

3. Stay away from dangerous drugs. The recent escalation of drug use and risky sexual behavior (pnp or party and play) has been the source of a rise in sexually transmitted diseases. Drugs and alcohol both lower your inhibitions and your ability to make sounds decisions. Crystal Methamphetamine (Crystal Meth, Tina, or speed) is very addictive and makes you forget about your own safety. The same goes for Ecstasy, Cocaine, alcohol and many other drugs. Stay away from these drugs altogether. But if do decide to take them, remember that they will make you less able to make sounds decisions. Plan ahead and hold off on sex till another time.

JustGuys is not affiliated in any way with gaymenshealth.org. We are providing this for informational purposes only. JustGuys has a zero-tolerance policy towards illegal drugs and any other illegal activity on this site. If you find any content that alludes to illegal drug use or illegal activities we urge to you hit the "profile complaint" button. Thanks!