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Hey Guys

My name is Zack I am 22. I am a nursing student in my last year of the program, which basically means that I don't exactly have massive amounts of free time. When I do get a chance to put my work aside I like to do all sorts of different things. I am a very eclectic person and that applies to almost every aspect of me from movies and music to the people that I have out with, and i would really like it to be able to find people who have that in common with me. There really is no point to being a clone in life and so I like people who are not in anyway molded or stereotypical. I also tend to like people who tend to be ambiguous, neither fem nor masc, however I would prefer some one with slightly more masculine tendencies, I am a dude and I'm looking for another dude if i wanted a chick I would be playing on a different team. I like to travel a lot and go a little crazy if I am not doing something fun and exiting whether it is going on a hike or just seeing a movie with friends I pretty much always want to be doing something. If you are apathetic, weak, self/image obsessed, dependent, or broken you not going to be my type. I also don't have nightingale syndrome so don't come to me if you looking for a caregiver instead of a partner. I have next to no baggage and thats how I like other people to be, life is to short to carry everything that goes wrong around with you.


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