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idk Im a sweet heart! sorta.

My name is Tyrone and Im an artist who is currently a student lol, but I have plans beyond that of course. I am a very caring person who also is also really, i llike to play fight and tend to be harsh when it comes to my opinion. people often come to me cause I am a great listener. I like to hang out and about but i also happen to be a buisy body. It all depends on the mood i guess...

I'm happily coupled. Even though I'd never thought I'd ever say that. I am. The man of my dreams found me. One day recently I woke up and realized, everything I ever wanted in a man is right there in front of me. He's amazing, and with him I'm always learning something new. Wether about him or something he taught me. It's only been 6 months but I'm in love. I never thought I'd find a guy who was even in the slightest interested in me. But here he is doing all that he can to be in my life. Trying to better both our lives.

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