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hey guys :-)


Hey, guys! I'm Richard but you can call me whatever youwant. There's not a name I haven't been called (Dick, Dickie, Chardy, etc…trustme, I mean it. Anything). I’m not up for hookups, even though that’s basicallywhat this site is all about I’m trying to weed out the datable ones.


About me:


School/job – I’m studying Spanish and French at universityand am a pharmacy technician, which I kind of love hahaha.


Interests/hobbies/quirks –

  1. The first thing you should know about me is that I LOVE music. I prefer electronic and metal and some other random stuff (weird combo, I know) and my top three favorite artists are Tool, Lady Gaga, and Florence + the Machine. I’m kinda, very, sorta selective and picky when it comes to music hahahaha. I loathe country.
  2. I’m a total science nerd. I love anthropology, human origins, evolutionary biology and cosmology. There’s nothing I find more interesting, and if you do too then we’ll get along just great.
  3. I’m a staunch atheist. I’m sorry if that bothers some of you, but I promise that an atheistic worldview is not a prerequisite for getting to know me. I take a very anti-religious stance and I do a lot of reading on atheism news and current events as it pertains to religion.
  4. I love Skittles.
  5.  My favorite thing to do is take long, aimless drives in the middle of the night with a friend listening to my favorite albums.
  6. I am the strictest fucking grammar Nazi you will have ever met (let me emphasize, written not spoken hahahaha. I have a slight country accent that slips out occasionally when I’m not paying attention and causes me to speak grammatical atrocities).
  7. Earl Grey tea. Nuff said.
  8. I speak Spanish, French and Latin and will probably remind you of that fact at least a dozen times a day hahahaha.
  9. I love dancing!
  10. My drink of choice is Jack and coke.


What I’m looking for –

  1. Somebody my age. I know for some (older) guys, age isn’t an issue, but I want someone I can grow older with and mature with and that’s made easier with a guy that’s around my age.
  2. Somebody with intellect. I don’t mean to offend any of you guys by implying that I’m only looking for geniuses, but I’m looking for a guy who can at least appreciate some of my interests, such human origins and atheism, etc., because those pursuits are a huge part of me. And I also like wit and sarcasm too, the sophisticated type hahaha. And if you wear glasses....ughhhh to the front of the line hahahahaha
  3. Somebody with a pretty smile J
  4. I don’t discriminate against skin color or height or anything else like that (except maybe ultra-religiosity :p)
  5. Someone who likes to cuddle. Goddamn, it’s hard to find one of those hahahaha.
  6. Someone who loves to talk. 


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