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Lookng for the one, but open for anyone!

5.9.. blond hair brown eyes. skinny but tonedNot my words, but they explain alot!!I really want a guy who acts like a guy, but who is obviously gay. Someone who's not afraid to tell me they love me, and make me happy while I return the same words. It's important that my man loves his mother and his family, since this tends to be the way significant others are treated. I'd like for him to be a little dorky, not afraid to be himself, and lets me be a dork too! But he also knows when and how to be serious, and he knows how to be SEXUAL! Possibly the ability to REALLY turn me on! Also, I want the man who wants to make love with me, not sex. I NEED a man who's not afraid to love me, kiss me, and hold my hand when we're out in public. Someone who's proud to call me theirs. I'm the kinda guy who would picket for gay rights in front of the Capital, and if you're not cool with that then I'm not cool with you!Although money isn't the most important thing in my life, I plan on making a lot of money some day. I wouldn't mind my guy making more. I also want a guy who's not afraid to grow old with me!


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