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my wit is broken.. anybody got duct tape?

uh.. im fun.. cute and bored!! hows that?and as of today im cold and need someone to warm my bed.. any volunteers?v lolhit me up on yahoo or AIM braindeadnuselesI .. am Austin everyone loves me because im me and they love it! im not concieted at all HAi really do love being me! i am possibly the most fun person to party with or even just hang out i am an active person i am completely incapable of spending an entire day inside (unless i have a very good VERY inticing reason to do so) ) I love to dance I am a strong person.. phsically and emotionally i love music in most of its forms I am very stable i am excitingly erratic! Compassion and empathy will be my downfall i am completely ADD and enjoy every minute of it i am fiercly independant Roller skating ROCKS i get lonely and depressed alot in the winter Sometimes im a contradiction i am very intelligent i live for sunlight! sometimes i love too easily and give too much I have been accused of being arrogant (exaggerating or disposed to exaggerate one's own worth or importance often by an overbearing manner) by people who dont know the meaning of the word.. (seriously.. if i actually am smarter .. stronger and more capable than you .. how is that arrogance?)then look dumbfounded when i tell them their accusation is ironic then i laugh at them untill im sore :D I know very well my limitations and flaws and willingly admit them and graciously accept defeat on its rare occurences im the best friend you will ever have im a little competative I can be very kind and sweet just dont piss me off.. i can and will make you regret it :D i am a phonetic speller and almost always mince my vowels I do my best to make those i love happy and would sacrifice everything i have and am for their sake I am drivin and give my absolute best to everything i do i am in possesion of a quick sharp wit sarcasm is a good friend of mine i give naughty dancing lessons to my friends girlfriendsi become bored easily ok and now im bored so im done with this if you read all of this i applaud you!


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