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i'm nothing special. in fact, i'm a bit of a bore.

ok, i guess i suppose to write something witty here lol. i'm just a simple easy going guy with a pinch of geeky and nerdy. sometimes i find myself going with the flow, just like a jellyfish. but i do have reasons of my own. i'm childlike.

i'm pretty shy but i'm trying to be more open. i'm a quiet type so i like to listen of what people say. but with friends, i can't shut my mouth.

i only do stuff or work when I feel like it lol. Yeah, i'm kinda artsy like that lol.

i'm good at writing. Well, people told me so. it's like I can be my-very-self while writing. i express myself through my writing. so if you happen to read one of my works, you'll know how weird i am lol.

i draw comics too, mostly doodles lol. But hey at least my works have been published a few times.

Cooking is my passion. it's fun just to mix this and that and those then voila, something edible lol. But i hate to clean up the disaster after that lol.

i like playing with animals, even the stray ones. Sometimes i find myself spend too much time playing with them lol.

i don't drink or smoke or drug. i don't go to club. i hate crowded places. i like beaches and sea. i love walking along the beach at night under the moonlight. but i don't have much time to do it. and i'm living pretty far from the sea.

i enjoy just sitting under the tree in peace. a picnic is good :D

hmmm.. i can't think of anything to tell you. ask me if you wanna know anything and.. tell me about yourself too.

oh well
i always have a thing with a guy wearing glasses(nerds or geeks are included).
i can't help it! cos they r so cute! XD
oh and guys who are older than me..
i like middle-aged men, but guys around my age are welcome either! :D

message me!!!


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