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Hey What's Going On?

Hey whats up guys! I use to be on here to just randomly hook up and that was it. Now I'm looking to chat and possiably meet someone that could possiably become really special to me, I want to fall in love with your personality. Not just a pic your naked body.

I'm a pretty out-going person acutally. I love to be out and adventuring somewhere. Meeting new people is something that I love to do. I also love being active as much as I possiably can. I usually go to the gym about 5 days a week. I'm currentenly in College right now.

I'm looking for a guy that likes to take charge. I want someone that is driven and fights for what they want. This is going to sound weird but I sometimes what to be told what to do. I want someone that is not afraid to take the lead and just be there to hold me and just relax on some days. But then the next be able to just want to run around with me and be spontaneous. Masculine guys are the sexiest things alive! The guy I'm looking for is one that likes to go hang out with his bros. One thing that really makes be go nuts about a guy is style. Please be able to know how to express yourself other than with your mouth.


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