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So, my name is Andrew. I am currently stationed in Ft Hood, Texas. I'm in the 1st cavalry division.My MOS is 13D. I'm from kingston, ma. I am 145lbs haha. and im 5'9". i have been complimented all the time on my eyes. i guess they are unique, lol. they are teal blue. and i have dirty blonde hair. i am a quite "out there" kind of guy. hahaha. lets just say, i blurt out whats on my mind, most of the time. i am a very enjoyable person, (including in bed D). i love music, i love singing to it (at least, the songs i know ha). i love people who arent afraid to show their true feelings and act like human beings, not turtles who hide from society (shut up about my corny analogy). theres a lot about me that you just have to find out by hanging out with me. its hard to describe myself in only 1000 characters.


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You are 19% a Macho Jock, 43% Pink and Femme, and 65% Scene-Emo

You scored high in emotionalness and scenesterness. You are proud of being gay but arent obnoxious about it. You enjoy the latest fashion trends or set you own, and you could care less what other people think. You live for yourself, and whether that means wearing eye linear or crying on the hour, so be it.

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