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wild and wonderful

Im a Straight Acting Guy who likes to go out and try new things and i happen to be very lucky for what i have,  and for what im able to do. Im a very fast learner. i always love learning new things. if i were to describe myself i would say im more like a Jack of all trades. Ive had a million experiences and learned from every one of them plus i have a story to tell from each of them. However upon listening to some of my stories they seem so unbelievable or so crazy that there is no way its true, that is until you meet a few of my friends. You will find out soon that maybe there true. It kinda funny, how boredom with friends, family, or just by yourself can turn into an amazing adventure just adding more stories to share and re-live our moments in life.

I believe that life is definitely just like an open road some times it clear and smooth and just perfect. Other times its dark, scary, and you may have lost your way on an unfamiliar road with twists and bends. All i can say is take your time in life because if your to busy rushing all the time, life can pass you by with out even realizing it, and just like a road if you going to fast you will reach the end quicker.

your probably agreeing with me........ or not, its how ever you take it i guess. Just smile a little, i know im always smiling and i know i am living a great life so why should i complain like everyone else. that's why i don't watch much tv 300 hundred channels of nothing but bad news on. id much rather be out doors or even better out with my friends

but i guess what im looking for is someone who is straight acting, around my age with in 5yrs. around my weight, who is real and not affraid to tell me "what up with them  but i dont care if there not out, or out or whatever as long as he can carry on a real conversation


But hey since you have read my profile, you should hit me up and tell me what you like to do and maybe alil about yourself,


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