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I'm thinkin' this is impossible...

If I have never talked to you, please do not send a friend request...

I moved to Seattle, WA in December 2005 and graduated with my Masters of Science from Valdosta State University (Valdosta, GA) in May 2006.

I am from Arkansas originally. Yeah, I do have a bit of a Southern accent (ya'll).

I'm not a big club guy, but now and again is tolerable.It just seems like that is mainly what the majority of the gay population cares about.I am not being negative when I say that.I just prefer other activities if possible. I like guys who have more to say than "lol," "i c, " and "ok." I'm not into guys into excessive partying. Basically, I like guys who are low-key, thoughtful, and laidback, as in, they don't freak out because the restaurant put a pickle (NoOOoOO! Not a pickle!) on the burger they ordered when they asked for none. I'm into guys near my age.

One of my big interests is playing video games. Yes, how nerdy. I am a computer guy also. I also tend to like Sci-Fi, but not of the cheesy horror kind, but more of the tech-oriented kind. I might have nerdy interests but I'm not necessarily 'nerdy.'

I play the piano. I play the trumpet also, and this was my main interest during my band nerd years, which I miss. I've gone through several years of Taekwondo, which I need to get back into.

I've lived down a dirt road (and that was one bumpy sucker). I own a 1968 Mustang (mostly restored, minus some things here and there). Vroom. I also try to work on it when I have the time, space and tools.

I like nature. I find an 'internal connection with things such as simple sunrise, the leaves blowing in the wind and that light 'pat' of snow falling on the ground.

I am a goof, or so I say. I like to be pLaYFuL. I'm very empathetic.

I really get frustrated when others do not communicate effectively and/or shut themselves down. Communication is important. I believe most people fail to understand that language is dead. The only meaning inherent in language comes from each individual communicator. Because of this inherent lack of 'truth' in language, understandings vary. Yes, understandings between people do overlap, which allows us to communicate. However, like the overlapping sections of a circle in a Venn Diagram, entire meanings between people are not always sync'ed. You have to realize this in order to effectively communicate as well as listen. Questions are not bad. Mental laziness or resistance is a path to nowhere, especially in terms of communication. It may not always be easy, but once you get the wheels turning, mental barriers can fall. Put forth the effort. IDK or LOL does not tell me much of anything. Even if you do "IDK," expand on that somehow to let me know your brain takes up at least a little space in your head.

Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Do what you say, and say what you do. Transparency is important. If you make a promise, even a light promise, stick to it. If you are absolutely unable to, which can be understandable, then communicate the situation. Do not ignore it. I like people who are responsible in this regard. It is important that a guy (or anyone) have respect for the feelings of others. No matter who that other person is, you have (I believe) an obligation to them as a fellow member of this society, of this planet, to respect any emotional or physical impact you may have on them. Personal pursuit is fine, but not at the blind or purposeful expense of others, in which you have control.

Anyway, I have plenty to say, ha. :D ... If you want to know more, let me know.I'm actually a purty nice man dude... maybe too nice, but whateva.Try it and see.


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