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940-337-3833 @ HM CLEANING

UNLOCK YOUR PICS AND I WILL UNLOCK MINE!!!!Hi Mr. Handsome. I wanted to thank you personally for the WINK. It was cute. Well I will tell you a bit about myself just so we can break the surface. I am 27 now, I and i will have a birthday on the 17th of Oct. I am a nurse working at a rehab hospital. I am currently single and I still love him very much but ONLY as my best friend. But now im starting to think our friendship is coming to a close d/t the fact he choose a guy he like when were together and now he feels guilty. I have been told by many that I am a natural flirt but don't let that bother you. Just let me know if it is too much for you handle and I will slow down and or back off. I love to make new friends and try keeping up with the old ones. I am a constant busy man. I have a wild side to me that once in a while comes out. You may get lucky if you are around me when I drink Vodka for I tend get a bit naughty. But over all I am just the working man next door and say hi to me and if you ever need a cup of sugar PLEASE ask.I'm going to send anyone away. I have a open door policy so please come in loosen your tie and tell me, what the hell is your problem. lol. And if you want to chat here is my YAHOO:nightnurseray AIM:nursery (dont really use them much but i will if i feel you) And one more thing those of you who are sick of GAGA I love you. It's becoming over rated! facetime:.. and skype:nurseray.rm


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