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Twice taken, three times fallen

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Nathyn. I'm back, bigger, better, faster, stronger, and smarter.I'm a simple Kenyucky boy trying to find out what my calling is.I may not know all the answers to everything but I come damn well close. I know that I am meant for big things, and big things is what I do...my impact on this world will come as big and swift as the holocaust.I have an ideal of my goals and such, but I know one thing for sure, I would like a guy to share those experiences.I dont sell myself short, but I do tend to be trustworthy which is why I always get heartbroken.It would seem after so long the feeling comes mutual, but this last time my heart was stolen from me.Im just trying to find a guy who can share his heart with me... On another note Im a fairly optimistic, happy person.You'll never see me sad or depressed unless its something really serious, even then it doesnt last long!Im a man who loves my music, I love some rock but mostly R&B, hip hop, rap...ya know the good shit. Movies are my passion, life is like a stage, be sure to keep the makeup and fake smiles on because one day Im gonna be the best dayum director ever...what can I say, I live for drama!Oh and I am VERY relationship oriented, if all you want is to whore it out and look for sex then keep looking.Yeah I have my uber horny days, and when those do come along, maybe I'll hit you up...but all the other days Im looking for a guy to call my own, I think after 3 years Im ready to say Im at a point in my life where I could use a good ol buhfriend...Im always looking for friends too:D


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