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hey guys...Ever wonder why i am always blue?... everyone one sees me very differently from others... they never treat me in equality... everyone thinks that i am a bad person that is why everyone is agaisnt me... i never had bad intentions... and i never will... i never hated anyone either... i hope everyone understands and don't judge... unless you know the situation you are putting me into... not just me, but other people as well... i hope everyone will keep this in mind... i am the same as everyone else... people may have looked at me contemptuously on the outside... but people's line of sight never went through me and realize how my inside is much different from the outside... no hate or grudge will be found lurking inside me... everyone is special and very precious... thank you for your time everyone... take care always... goodbye.Not really a big fan of this site... just looking for a person who would take me seriously... well if you're interested just hit me up, please... if not it's okay... later!!!


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