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Show me what you got!

I am a strong believer in the mantra 'Work hard play harder' and that's how I live my life. My close friends would describe me as a hopeless romantic and I'd have to agree. I mean what's so wrong with wanting a guy who will drive me out to the beach on a clear stary night play some slow music and ask me for my hand in a slow dance barefoot in the sand. I am very passionate when it comes to my family, friends and those I love. I spent 3 years in the Army and it gave me the opportunity to travel around the world and back and now my drive for adventure is even greater. I strongly believe that spontaneity is a must to live a fulfilling life. I am spontaneous and radical at times, but that's only because I want to experience the very best life has to offer. I can be a good person to talk to and try to stay in touch with everyone I meet so if you feel like a chat or grabbing a drink some time email me. You might just make a friend for life.


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