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Faith, hope, & love. The greatest of these is love


Hey, you. I am one of your many friends.

I really don’t change much

I was born April 26th, 1988 - but I don't consider myself to be a 22-year-old I'm just a 15-year-old 7 years later (like Peter Pan, I hate growing up). I have always lived in the same house in Charleston. I always attended Charleston Pentecostal Church (best church on the planet – come visit with me this Sunday). I’ve camped and counseled at Whited Bible Camp in Bridgewater, Maine, since 1997. I have never been to school I was homeschooled every year. And my favorite color is still orange!

I have to work & learn

I attend New England School of Communications in Bangor, studying video production. I work with Assistance Plus as a behavioral health specialist (I hang out with special needs kids).

(I’m shy)

I’m introverted and quiet. I will probably like you. I tend to be brutally honest, overly generous, and strong-willed - all to a fault. Phlegmatic-melancholy. I usually give my heart away too easily and quickly, and I have a knack for offending and pushing away those I love the most.

I’m artistic

I love fine arts, drama, writing, graphic design, video production, doing skits and human videos, making movies...

I'm a health freak

I am flexitarian (Google it). I don't just throw anything into my body I try to feed my muscles, not just my tongue. I prefer walking or biking to driving, and I hate wearing shoes.

I’m a good boy

I keep sober, protect my lungs, maintain an unaltered body, follow rules, speak clean, retain my social-sanity, and try to keep peace between my friends. (I don’t drink, smoke, do drugs, breaks laws, swear, go party crazy, or try to cause drama).

I hate this!

- Those who simply do what everyone else does (think for yourself!)
- Cars that pass when you’re already speeding (it’s the “speed LIMIT”)
- Slow computers (the waiting is like sprinting underwater)
- Missunderstandings with no communication (you have something against me? Tell it to my face)
- "Friends" who are nice to me and rude to others (you're either nice or you're not)
- The fact that I can’t simultaneously be best friends with everyone (trying to choose between friends is torture)

…Not much makes me angry, but these things will annoy me greatly.

I am out (unfortunately)

I grew up conservative, evangelical, Pentecostal, Bible-believing, Jesus-worshipping Christian, in a very anti-gay community. My brother doesn't believe anyone can be gay and Christian. My sister hated Heath Ledger because of his role in Brokeback Mountain. My mother doesn't allow the family to watch The Ellen Degeneres Show. My father collected signatures for the petition against gay marriage here in Maine.

I came out to everyone as being gay on January 1st, 2010. My family thinks I'm sinning and going to hell. I was indefinitely grounded from home internet. I had to meet with my pastor and a counselor. I was forbidden to have any contact with my boyfriend. Many of my Christian friends think I'm deceived and should change.
Being gay sucks. But it's who I am.

I want to connect with you

Facebook & MySpace Michael Dean Gray
Twitter, FaithFreaks, and YouTube michaeldeangray
DList and TheGYC MDG
Cellular telephone  207-659-0395
Email and IM SN for AIM and MSN ..

What if? What then?

What if tomorrow I never woke up? What then? Would you come to my funeral?
What if tomorrow I confided that I believed differently than you did? Would you still talk with me?
What if tomorrow my brain was severely damaged in an accident? Would you help me find myself?
What if desperation and loneliness overcame me? Would you hold me?
What if tomorrow I got completely, utterly rejected? Would you still support me?
What if tomorrow the diagnosis was HIV? Would you still treat me the same?
What if tomorrow my very hope for the future was in the balance? Would you wait with me?
What if tomorrow my screams for help became audible? Would you stand on my side?
What if tomorrow I fell out of love? Would you keep me sane?
What if tomorrow my addictions destroyed me? Would you pick me up?
What if tomorrow my world crashed down around me? Would you hold me up?
What if? Would you be there?

What if tomorrow...I wake up? What if my body isn’t damaged, my world isn’t crooked, my life isn’t speeding off-track, my friends aren’t stabbing me in the back? What if there’s no actual problem?
What then?

Mitch Hewer
Pictures, Images and Photos
My 1 celebrity crush: Mitch Hewer. He the most beautiful human being on the planet!


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