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If I was a simple man, Would we still walk hand in hand?And if I suddenly went blind, Would you still look in my eyes?What happens when I grow old?And all my stories have been told?Will your heart still race for me?Or will it march to a new beat?If I was a simple manIf I was a simple man,I'd own no home, I'd own no landWould you still stand by my side?And would our flame still burn so bright?Sometimes I wonder why,I'm so full of these endless rhymesAbout the way I feel insideI wish I could just get it rightIf I was a simple manAnd I could make you understandThere'd be no reason to think twiceYou'd be my sun you'd be my lightIf I was a simple man...If I was a simple man...Sometimes I wonder whyI'm so full of these endless rhymesAbout the way I feel inside


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