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Everybody dies, but not everybody lives...

I never really knew what to put here but I gathered some words to tell you "About me." I'm glad you actually are reading this and care to know about people then just go off their pictures. So since you're reading right now, here is some information that should entertain you for a few minutes. I'm a good person with true values and have much to give to the world. I'm a very creative and talented guy, with a pinch of hopeless romance. I'm an artist and love to exercise on my days off. If you're wanting a lover and not a damn booty call, so we're on the same page. Haha, I am very patient and fair on almost every level. I'm an easy going and laid back guy, its hard to get me mad. I express my thoughts and do speak my mind when things bother me. A secret of mine, I'm easy to please, I just enjoy the small things in life.  I'm into masculine guys with normal male mannerisms. Not interested in flamers or femmy boys, I'm here for a real guy.  I like to just have a good evening after work and just talk about whatever and everything with someone. I'm very philosophical at times, and love to have mature conversations. There are too many superficial guys out there who think the world was given to them by a fault. Life isn't worth wasting time filling the loneliness with temporary relationships. Yes, most gay relationships are temporary because no one seems to know the value of friendships and love. This isn't a game, so stop playing like no body is going to get hurt. These people on this site are either heart broken, or just haven't been in the dating world in a while. If you're just wanting sex by what you see in my pictures then please, don't bother adding or messaging me. If you read this and want to add me, send me a message titled "I'm for real." That's how I'll know you want to know me for me, and not just hit me up for a good c2c...Thank you and hope to hear from you. :)


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