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whats up

Hi my name is Jacob I come from a small town in the middle of nowhere called Ashmore. I love meeting new people I used to be shy not so much anymore I feel you can miss out being too shy. I go to Lake Land College in Mattoon I'm currently not enrolled in the fall semester but will be back in the spring. I don't like shallow people so don't bother talking to me if you are nobody is perfect so don't act like it just be yourself. I would consider myself pretty masculine and usually prefer someone about the same I do have some fem qualities such as listening to Lady Gaga but who doesn't listen to her.

I'm not sure if I have a "type" of guy in a way yeah but mainly just someone who likes me for ME. I'm not looking for sex I'm looking for someone I can share my life with so don't be confounded by my pictures. I do admire the guys that can only take facial pictures and people respond to them but as for me it never works that way. One thing I do ask is that your skinny you don't have to be athletic or anything I'm skinny and not athletic but I don't want someone twice my size that's when it becomes gross. Feel free to email me or whatever you wish to do I'm very friendly so don't be a stranger :)


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