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joey ramon

ima hippie.... i shoulda been born in the 50s to grow up in the 60s.... i jam out to delta dawn!! lol ... ima human... i have feelings and everyone tells me i wear my heart on my sleeve ... which is why i wash my clothes alot... lol obviously im a dork LOL... ima a piano player in practice... its hard when u have to teach yourself..but it makes it that much worth it... im bi... and i hate catagories.... i dont have a preference... i dont love male over female..i dont love female over male... i just love people :) ... ima country boy... i like dirt bikes...fourwheelers...football...basketball.... i love campeing and being in the woods!! i can't build a campfire to save mylife but ill tell u how to do it LOL... and ill get all the wood for you and try to help but i never seem to get it to stay goin lol... ill jam out to pretty much anything ... i love old rock..fleetwoodmac is my fav band...i love new music too ...keshas a whore pretty much..but i like that one song go  hardcore and glitter on the floor LOL.. makes me wanna roll in the dirt and dance! lol I LOVE TO DANCE lol but only when im drunk lol cuz i reallly can't dance lol... im straight actting... ill get dirty and help work on cars and cut grass and get sweaty and nasty lol .. i have my homo moments and love madonna cuz my mom loved her and thats what i grew up on...but no excuess i do love her! lol... omg this is getting long!!! so if ur still reading pat your self on the back!!! good for you!!! lol... ima writter ... ovbiously lol... i express myself threw writtings ..poems storys lyrics letters lol anything that comes out :P ... if ur looking for a hook up or a one night stand... then i guess keep looking lol ... sex is something specail and my sex is to good for just anyone!! lol idk what else to put really ... i like porn!!! lol


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