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These Honey Buns are glazed with 24K gold, baby~!

Totally spontaneous and childish. I'm still in the mindset of a teenager with a spash of Cran-Maturity. I love video games, mostly on the computer though.

Not a fan of console games as they tend (in my opinion) to cater towards FPS, and the whole battles and rivalry between the 3 major brands is kind of annoying. u_u

Fav games on pc so far are GW, Phantasy Star Universe <3, Oblivion, Runes of Magic, (Any fantasy//futuristic stylized game, really xD ).

I'm really really shy and in a sense, afraid to talk. Not really into sexual chatting as it just bores me half the time.

Music, I like anything but country is usually the exception. Unless it's old country then I probably will like it. n.n  Favs would be kpop (Lee Jung Hyun), and Dir en Grey :3


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