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Hey Guys!

Hey guys! I am Peter. I have lived in Boise ID allmy life. Well... 2 years I lived in Japan, butother than that Boise has been my home.I like to do anything and everything frommovies to dancing to camping and outdoors.I haveplayed the piano for 26 years but still tend toshy away from playing in crowds. It is a way forme to express myself and I don't like to do thatin front of just anyone. I am a computer nerd andown a business working with computers and doing ITsupport for Pharmacies. I went to school for ITand finally graduated with honors this pastsummer.Lets see.. I came out a couple years ago and was Mormon. That was an experience that changedmy life completely. Its truly amazing what canhappen when you except who you are in your heart.Getting all the weight off my shoulders was thebest thing the ever happened to me. Since then I met some really amazing friends. This whole new meand a completely different way of living hasbrought me such happiness and blessings galore! Ihave never reallyhad a BF and a lot of thevalues I had growing up with my family are stilldeeply embedded in my heart. "Love" being the topof the peak! I am looking for that specialsomeone, and I am ready for what comes my way. Iam a guy of course and have urges just like youall,and I like and am open to "fun times"but if you are here just for sex and a quickie than I amsorry, I am looking for more than that. Hit me up anytime and I'll talk to ya! I liketo see the face of the person I am talking to, sopics are always nice.(the pics with your face!!).I am a masculine guy here-not femmy... So ya,hit me up and say hi! No Hook ups!!!!!!


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