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If you've having trouble seeing images...

There are a few reasons why this may happen:

1. Internet Explorer has added a "phishing filter" that sometimes mistakes a website and hides all images until the site has been checked by Microsoft. A small green hourglass will appear on the status bar at the bottom of your browser window if this is the case. To fix it:

2. If you have a McAfee Security Program installed it may be incorrectly blocking images. You'll need to disable this security feature for www.justguys.net. Please contact the software provider (McAfee) for help.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. I unable to login or keep getting logged out.

A. If you keep getting a message at the top that says "You are logged out" when you didn't log out or tried to log in, be sure that you have cookies enabled on you computer:

Internet Explorer Users: From your browser window click Tools > Internet Options (From AOL: Browser Settings > Internet Explorer settings). Click the Privacy Tab then the "Sites" button. Add justguys.net to the list and click "Allow". We also recommend you set your privacy level to Medium and delete cookies from time to time.

Firefox Users: From your browser window click Tools > Options > Privacy > Cookies. Be sure that the box "Allow sites to set cookies" is checked off.

Also, you may want to try deleteing the cookies and files from your computer, as old cookies sometime interfere with login. From your Internet Browser, click Tools > Options (or Internet Options). Then click Delete Cookies and Delete Files (or Cache).

If you created a profile and when you try to login you get a message at the top that says your profile was removed and you did not remove it, possible reasons include blank profiles, profiles with pictures not of the person, invalid email address, persons below 18 years old, among others. Please read the terms of service for a description of what is, and what is not acceptable to post on profiles. If you feel your profile did not violate our terms and you would like your profile reinstated, please email info @ justguys.net.

Q. Why can't I upload my picture?

A. You can upload pictures of yourself that are in Jpeg format (extension .jpg or .jpeg) and that are less than 500kb in size. If you are getting a black image when you upload your photo please read below. Primary pictures that are not of you will be removed. If you get an error message, its probably because the image is not in Jpeg format or is larger than 500kb. To shrink a picture size, simply open the file in a photo editor (MS Paint, photo shop, etc) and go to image > stretch/skew or modify > image size and shrink the image to a size that can be uploaded easily. Pictures around 500kb dont loose much quality when viewing online.

If you are seeing a black image when you upload a picture, then your image resolution is below the acceptable range of our imaging software. This sometimes happens with devices like cell phone cameras. We are working on a fix, but in the meantime you can easily change the resolution to make it work. Just open your image using a photo editor (like Paint of Photoshop) and resave the image under a different name. Then try uploading the new image. If that doesn't work try changing the image size (shrinking) before saving, then upload again.

Q. I keep getting an error, and am unable to do something. What do I do?

A. If you find a bug on this website (OTHER THAN THE LOGIN PROBLEM ABOVE OR POPUP BLOCKERS) please notify us so we can fix it. This site uses popup windows for sending winks, adding friends, adding guys to your hot list, unlocking pictures and IM's. Before filling out a bug form be sure your issue is not due to a popup blocker on your computer.

If you still have a bug: From the homepage you can click "report a bug" at the bottom of the page. Depending on the problem, we may be able to fix it in just a few minutes, so please help us out by reporting any problems you are having.

Q. How does the instant message work?

A. The Instant messenger button will be on someone's profile if they are online AND you both have IM's enabled. You can set the IM on or off in your account settings. There is a 15-30 second delay with the IM button. Possible reasons why IM's don't go through:

Q. How do I change the colors and background on my profile?

A. From the home page go to Edit my profile > Cutomize my profile. We don't suggest you use a custom profile generator from another website because it won't work here, and may have undesired consequences.

Q. What is the Music, videos and HTML codes section?

A. This part of your profile is open for you to add whatever style, html videos, music, html images, or text that you want. There are many websites that provide HTML codes for you to cut and paste. They include music, videos, games, Flash animation, images, and other graphics. This is where you would paste such HTML codes

Q. What is the difference between the friend list and hot list?

A. The friend list and hot list are both ways for you to keep track of guys online. The friend list requires approval from the other person, while the hot list does not. The friend list (if you have one) appears on your profile by default, but can be kept private by choosing that option in your account settings. The hot hit does not appear on your profile by default, but can be shown in your profile by choosing that option in your account settings.

Q. What is a locked picture/ instant message? How do I lock/unlock these?

A. A locked picture appears when a user has decided to lock his picture form all other users, except those that he specifically unlocks for. A locked instant messenger is the same. Pictures can be locked at the time you upload them, from picture page (Edit my pics). Instant messengers can be locked from your profile page. Once locked, they can be unlocked, or re locked from the other person's profile page. Unlocking pictures will unlock all of your locked pictures. Each time you unlock your pictures or instant messenger, an email will be sent to that person informing them that you have unlocked your pictures or instant messenger.

Q. What is blocking? How do I block/unblock someone? How do I know if I have been blocked?

A. Blocking allows you to prevent a member from seeing you or contacting you. It should be used if a member is harassing you, irritating you or otherwise affecting your online experience. To block a member, hit the block button on their profile page. You will notice that they will now be in your blocked list. To unblock them, either hit the unblock button from their profile page, or delete them from your blocked list in the account page. There is not way to tell if someone has blocked you. Blocking someone will also remove you from their hot list.

Q. How do I change my password and other information?

A. You can change your password and email address on the account page (My account). Other information such as location (zip code), instant messenger screename, headline and description can be changed on the profile page (Edit my profile). Pictures can be added, updated and removed on the picture page (Edit my pics).

Q. how do I remove my profile?

A. You can remove your profile from the account page (My account).

Q. How do I remove myself from someone's Hot List/Friend List?

A. To remove yourself from someone's friend list go to your friends page (from the main menu) and delete the friend, this will remove you from their list. The hot list belongs to the member in question. You can't remove yourself except by blocking that member. Blocking a member will result in being removed from their lists (this is an irreversible process)

Q. What is a featured profile? How do I become/opt-out of being a featured profile?

A. Featured profiles are selected from new picture uploads who also have exemplory profiles. You may not even know that you are a featured member because you will not be shown your own profile. There is no way to be added to the featured member list, but you can opt-out of this list by going to your account settings and selecting "only members can see my profile".

Q. Why is my bulletin invalid? What can I post in bulletins?

A. Bulletins can now be seen by everyone, except guys you blocked. As a result, we have put in place some "common sense" do's and don't for the bulletins. You can post a bulletin including images, links and videos.




Contact Us:


Please click here to contact us. Here are some hotline phone numbers:

National Sexual Violence Resource Center 800-739-3895
National Crime Victim Helpline 800-FYI-CALL





DO NOT GIVE PERSONAL INFORMATION TO SOMEONE YOU DON'T TRUST! To prevent a member from contacting you, hit the block button on their profile. Any threats, illegal activity, or other violations of the term of service should be reported to us using the profile complaint button on their profile page. Remember that anyone can create a profile, and you should take precautions when communicating with other members. Do not give out personal information to strangers that you don't trust. We strive to keep Justguys.net a pleasant experience for all our members. Please email us () if you have any further questions.

Some important phone numbers (USA):

National Sexual Violence Resource Center 800-739-3895
National Crime Victim Helpline 800-FYI-CALL