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Headline? What is this a newspaper?

My name is Matthew. I am from Phoenix, but I am NOT a zonie lol. I moved to Atlanta to pursue my passion in life. I chose Atlanta because I believe it is immersed in a culture that educates me about style and fashion and lifestyle.

I'm the best friend you'll ever have :) I am really good at giving advice, taking care of people (especially my man lol), and being up front with anyone to help all in the end :) I tend to get personal with the people I have the opportunity to get to know. If we do not get personal with anyone, how can we learn and grow together? I try my best to overcome obstacles that life throws at me. I also keep in mind that being optimistic is essential in life's tasks. I also believe that everyone deserves a second chance after they have learned and improved their mistake. Even if there are a few qualities about an  individual that I do not favor, I deal with it because I can only assume that there was something, sometime, somewhere in their life's past experiences that make them act the way they do. Hating and fighting gets us nowhere. I strongly believe the key to life is acceptance, not equality. I am a multi-cultured global individual. I am always intrigued about other cultures, and would love to learn anything I can to better understand the fundamentals of who they are and why.

I have a dream and a legacy to fulfill. I am really trying to get into health, nutrition, and wellness so it would be ideal to find a guy that will encourage those practices. I am almost finished with my Associate's in Business. After I attend one of the most prestigious cosmetology academies in the world, I want to continue learning and growing, professionally and personally. One of my goals is to pursue a Master's in Business Administration with a Minor in Chemistry. With every achievement, I can feel myself inching closer and closer towards success. Success should not only be measured by the car you drive or the house you own, but also by the knowledge you have acquired, the training you have received and how you utilize it to enrich the lives of others. Another one of my goals is to back-pack around the world learning how people in other lands view beauty and how they enhance it.  It would provide an alternate means to acquire enough advanced education and hands-on experience to enrich the beauty industry through health and organics.  I would then be able to teach at seminars on beauty that help people look and feel complete.

I work two jobs along with school. So on a typical Friday night, I am usually working, but I can also enjoy being a couch potato as long as there are cuddling and kissing :)... It would be awesome to find a true companion :)

When you are as young as I am, it is hard to draw out a long list of accomplishments.  I have triumphed over adversity and grew from it, and did not let it hold me back.  It could have gone the other way, but I recognized, even at a very young age, that a path of kindness and caring is the right path to choose.

When I daydream, I think about what a world would be like without any borders or boundaries. . . .

you can fully actively support or actively participate in somebody's dreams....

Also, please don't bother messaging me if you are any of the following: Republican, Christian, a "patriot", a believer in "reverse racism", a White supremacist, etc. We would have very little to talk about, and/or our conversations would most likely be hostile. Why waste each other's time?

A first date would be one in an environment and atmosphere conducive to talking and communicating and you can be yourself without having to put on an act just to be impressive to the other. To me, it is important to see if you truly like being with each other, have common goals, interest and want to work cooperatively together in life as a unit more than anything. IF there are common goals and values, chemistry, we like being together, and you genuinely want to grow, enjoy and share your life with someone else, and not alone, who knows what the possibilities might be.

WARNING - PRIVACY NOTICE: Any institution or person using this site or any of its associated sites for studies, projects or for any other purpose - You DO NOT have my permission to use any portion of my profile or any of my pictures in any form or forum both current and future. If you have - or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.



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