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Woop Woop

About time I updated this bit.

I'm Dimi, one of the more regular ones on here I think by now. Am Belgian, married to my husband David and we're living in London, the UK. Always up to get to know peeps so give me a shout if ya wanna talk :)

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All About You
BirthplaceBruges, Belgium
Current locationLondon, UK
Eye colorBlue
HeritageBelgian all the way baby!
Right or left handedright handed
Best physical featuremy blue eyes
WeaknessesI'm a terrible liar.
Fearscrocodiles, aligators...
BedtimeArround 11 pm
Shoes worn todayflip flops and my stripey blue shoes
Most overused phrase on IMWoop Woop
First thought upon awakeningGym? At this hour no way!
Perfect pizza?Ehm... well it has got to be the Quattro Fromaggi
Coke or Pepsi?Diet Coke
McDonald's or Burger King?None
Single or group dates?Both's fine
Lipton or Nestea?ehm Lipton?
Chocolate or vanilla?Chocolate
Cappuccino or coffee?Capp
Do you smoke?Nope
Do you swear?A lot more than I used to before I lived in the UK
Do you sing?always, but it doesn't sound good I tell you
Do you shower daily?Of course
Have you been in love?Yup
Do you think you're attractive?Depends on how the light falls
Are you a health freak?I am a bit yes
Do you get motion sickness?Nope
Do you get along with your parents?Absolutely
In the past month...
...have you consumed alcohol?Nope
...have you smoked?Nope
...have you used drugs?Nope
...have you gone on a date?Married so I dont do dating
...have you been dumped?Married so I don't do dumped
...have you been to the mall?Of course
...have you eaten a whole box of Oreo cookies?Not Oreo cookies no
...have you eaten sushi?Yes, at least once a week
...have you been on stage?No
...have you stolen something?No
Have you ever...
...been drunk?God yeah
...been called a tease?Several times but it wasn't me provoking it
...been beaten up?No
This year's goal?Get ripped, pass my first year at Uni and find a good job that keeps me going :)
How would you prefer to die?painless and fast
What country do you most want to visit?Australia, Egypt and Greece
Number of past regrets?I don't have regrets
In a boy or girl
Favorite eye color?brown. the Cuddle FActor :D
Favorite hair color?ehm dark
Short or long hair?short
Height?Tall yes. Very tall
Weight?doesn't matter
Favorite clothing style?Casual
Number of piercings?doesn't matter
Number of tattoos?doesn't matter
Number of drugs taken?doesn't matter
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