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Not your average Joe

Dude, she called you Indian...     OH HELL NO! HOLD MY CURRY

!Warning! Achtung! Nerd alert! :P

I'm quirky, awkward and more than a little goofy. I love life and love living it. Outdoors, indoors it doesn't matter, as long as I'm with interesting people or with that special someone, I'll be sure to have a great time. I'm slightly on the athletic side, not really a gym-type person, but I like sports, martial arts and going for a run every now and again.  I enjoy a corny one-liner as much as the next guy. I'm a student of the sciences, but I have a deep appreciation for art, culture, history, the written word. I' ve been known to crank out a bit of prose randomly. I promise it has nothing to do with a man from Nantucket. I'd like to meet someone who has actual opinions about things that matter or even things that don't. Just show me you have a brain to go with those attractive looks. I do have an affinity for more masculine men, nothing against anyone, just a personal preference. MUST LOVE ANIME! (LOL) Other than that, I'd just like to chat/interact with folks who bring the promise of wonderful conversation, good humor (of course) and scandalous life-stories, lol. Variety is the spice of life after all. Call me old-fashioned but how about we swap stories before we swap spit? Just an idea. I really do think it's funny how shallow people sometimes are and that guys with the emotional range and academic depth of a teaspoon are sought after because they're nice to look at. While I'm on the subject, firstly...you're a guy, you don't need to shave everything on your body, if you're naturally devoid of hair or you trim for hygiene or aesthetics, then no problem. Second, "going to the mall" does not count as a hobby. Lastly, I congratulate anyone who has read this far. Cheers!

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