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Always Looking for Friends =)

"If you would not do you, why would i?"----------I am a fairly easy going guy.I tell it how i see it, and do not pull blows or sugar coat. I can usually spot a story teller from a distance or people that are not genuine.I prefer real people to liars and game players.Approach me with honor and respect and we will treat well.lie to me and you make an enemy for life.Honesty and honor are the way to approach me.If you approach me for sex without getting to know me, your barking up the wrong tree.I am a blunt and to the point sort of person.I have little patience for game players. I prefer the direct and true approach.-------------------------------------------------- I am mostly straight acting, but get along with masculine as well as feminine guys.I am not one to judge.I want genuine people that are them selves, and not projecting a wall or character. fakes are a waste of my time.-===WHAT AM I HERE FOR===-I am here to make friend, have conversations, and what not, what happens happens.I know what i like in a man and how to get it.Im not here looking for a hook up, but Im ok with talking about it, as no topic is off limits.-===WHAT AM I INTO===-I am into many hobbies and things, ask about them.the basics...I am into role playing games,mmos, kayaking, walking, bicycling, swimming, people watching, and just hanging out.while i have many interest,these are what most often get time.I am a very physically oriented person and love physical contact and massages.I am also into e-stims, and if you want to know what they are, ill be happy to explain.-=== Texting and chat===- i am not usually going to give out my number, because people cannot be responsible with it.if i think you deserve it or that you can be responsible then i will give it too you.i dont just give that info to anyone.Contact me on yahoo and Skype as digitalbamph.DO NOT ASK ME TO 2C2, it ain't happening till i get to know you, and even then...Learn this first and foremost, NO = NO


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