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hook up/ sex anyone?


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 hearing impaired man in Fl. who was born in Boston Mass. , I'm a casually dressed guy that is: adventurous, audacious, wild, spontaneous, sometimes dresses conservatively. I am extremely honest thoughtful and lovable. I will give and expect: respect , kindness, loyalty. I am not rude just if you don't want to hear the truth don't ask me. Live every day as it's your last !! I do not lie. I am cute sarcastic, love to laugh. I am laid back and easygoing. To me in life there are no problems just situations. I can be a little shy at times and other times just the opposite. I love to go out and do new things .I like amusement parks, got to the movies used to go out lot to parties clubs. Love traveling. Going to baseball games Rent movies is cool too.. .LOL Things I learned from past relationships: To be more upbeat and caring. Be more involved in the life of my new friend. Be more outgoing. Have more and create more fun times. I like amusement parks , dogs. Whom I'm looking for:Someone who is friendly and funny, outgoing and easygoing and cute. Nice but casual dresser, loves to dine out. Play pool, tennis and likes sports. Cute and smart and loves to love LOL. Someone who wants to have a relationship based on mutual respect, and real and sincere love. I like guys with a slim to athletic/defined body type as a visual attraction but inner beauty and good characteristics are most important. My favorite food (s): American, Barbecue, Chinese, Deli, Italian, Seafood

Jackin Off Survey
How many times a day do you jack off?
Do you use your right or left hand?
Ever do it with any friends?once
Ever jack another dude off?yes
Ever tasted your cum?yep
Do you have wet dreams ever?wish
How big is your cock?7 inches and thick!
Are you cut or uncut?cut
Does your cum shoot our or ooze?both
Wheres the weirdest place you ever jacked a




shed in my back yard
Ever jacked off outdoors? Where at?
Ever jacked at school?ino but could have
How old were u the first time u cummed?12?
How did you learn how to jack off?
Do you get lots of precum when u are jackin




oh yes
Ever use anything for lube to jack with?



my bed spread
If you use lube what do you use?ID
Are you bi , gay , or str8?gay
Ever been caught jackin off? If yes by wh





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