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Miguel de Heaven

well-shaped young adrenergic cute-but-hate-to-be-with asian with intermittent cut-the-bullshit muscular bear daddies itch needs ur help! could u give a hand by offering ur butts, abs, chests & biceps?...and ur lubes and little bloke, too
or should u possess none of the above but a desire for easy-but-serious real love (by "real", i mean "REAL") , share the cliches with me and see if we could refresh them.
Personality Survey< td style="border: 1px dashed #AAAAAA" prevstyle=" " colspan="2" align="left" bgcolor="#083360">Friends.....
About Me.....
Name:Miguel Abomination
Birthday / Zodiac Sign:15/JUL/88 CANCER
Places I Have Lived:Nanjing/Melbourne/Sydney/Canberra
Currently Living:Canberra&China
Height / Weight:5\'9/148lbs
Eye / Hair Color:Black
Tattoos / How Many:none for now
Piercings / How Many:none for now
Clothing Style:The Emperor\'s New Clothes
Are You Trustworthy:yes,for u/no,for me
Are You Republican/Democrat/Independent:independent
Shy or Outgoing:cancer guys do not define such things
Funny or Serious:funnious
Do You Think You Are Attractive:YEEEAH
Animal:puppys and not bitches
Food:Asian, Italiano
Estimate how many friends you have:friends come and go.
Do You Like To Meet New People:why not
Best Friend:will it be u?
Love Life/Sex.....
Are You In Love:no
First Crush:chemistry teacher
First Kiss:Jason the previous upper floor
Are You Taken or Single?  By whom:Single
Would You Give Your LIfe For A Loved One:yes
Do You Have A Friend With Benefits:no
Have You Ever Cheated / Been Cheated On:both yes
When And With Whom Did You Lose You Virginity:does mutual masturbation counts?
How Many Partners Have You Had:none
Do You Like Foreplay:a must
Top Or Bottom:versatile
When Was The Last Time You Had Sex:No latest updates
How Far Would You Go With Someone Of The Same Sex:To the sun, till melt in one
Have You Met Someone From The Internet:yes
Have You Slept With A Co-Worker:no..but possible
Are You / Have You / Do You.......
Curse Regularly:never
A Sports Fanatic:fanatic enough to keep fit
Have Scars:faded
Been Out Of The Country:yes
Believe In Ghosts:yes, and they are hoooot
Broken Bones / How Many:no
Had A Serious Surgery:no
Been Beaten Up:no
Flashed Someone:yes
Gone Skinny Dipping:no
Consumed Alcohol:enough
For George W. Bush:He could be a perfect totalitarian, if in China
Done Drugs:no
Taken Painkillers / Legally or Illegally:alcohol to kill pains
Past / Present / Future.....
What were you doing on 9/11/2001:un estudiante en la escuela
Something you would like to forget:my brain
What are you thinking about:about \"What are you thinking about\"
How do you feel right now:damn...too many questions
What are you wearing:overalls,hoodie..but jock clothes itch
Something you would like to accomplish:Make Hugh Jackman GAY
Your thoughts on........
Gambling:Luck hates me
One Nation, Under God:One nation,under ME
Illegal Immigrants:only hot ones
Gay Marriage:same with same-sex children\'s adoption
Death Penalty:70% con
Downloading Music:for someone from china??
Terrorism:EMASCULATE them
What Made You Take This Survey:A cup of coffee at 11 pm just keep me up and bored till now
Tell us YOUR answers to this survey! Click HERE!
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