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What's up?

I'm looking for a guy somewhere in my age group, about 18-26-ish and preferably someone within a reasonable distance from me. So somewhere near NYC or northern Jersey would be good.

I'm somewhat quiet and withdrawn, but I'd love to find someone I can really open up to. I like mostly to stay in and hang out most of the time, but I love to go out for a stroll to explore the neighborhod if I've got someone to go with.
I'm on the masculine side (or at least as masculine as a nerd like me can get...)
I love humor. I love to laugh and see others laugh. I'm currently an amateur actor/writer for my college's sketch comedy group.
I'm pretty laid-back. I don't like to worry about things until I can deal with them.
Other stuff I like: Video games, reading, writing, tv, anime/manga, acting, movies, cooking, other stuffs...
I'm sure I've forgotten something, so if there's anything you're curious about, send a message my way and ask.


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