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You only live life once, so live it while you can

Well I figured it was time that I updated this section.

Well for starters my name is Erv.  I'm a pretty normal 24yo guy.  I was born and raised a Michigan boy, but have made a pretty good home for myself here in Pittsburgh.  I'm a very independant, self motivated and driven guy.  I work hard for everything I have and nothing has been handed to me.  I have always had the support of my family and friends behind me the entire way, but I've pretty much had to find my way to where I'm at since I left home at 17.  I like nice things and to have a good time.  I'm pretty sure I've finally found the right guy for me. He makes me the happiest I've been in a long time. I'm glad he has come into my life and I hope he is here for a long time. So for now guys I am only looking for friends and other people to talk to.   I'm also not out yet, it doesn't bother me at all if you are or not, you just have to be alright with me not being out yet.  As far as things that I'm into, the Automotive field is my life, I was born and raised around it and it has become a profession as well as a hobby.  I do enjoy sports, both playing and watching, going out to dinner or the movies, just spending a lazy day at home with the one I care for can be better than any night in a club.  But going out and partying, having a good time isn't out of the question either.  Well if you've made it this far reading all of this and you are interested, feel free to drop me a message or an IM.  I'm always looking to make new friends and who knows maybe that guy will come along.


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