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Here to make friends

I'm a really nice guy who just happens to like a nice conversation. Am not in the US currently, but feel free to message or IM me if you want someone decent to talk to. Most importantly- when I say talk I actually do mean just talk. I'm in an LTR so no c2c sessions.

Can’t get enough of: summer, clubbing, philosophy, my iPod, exploring the world, true friendship, a great book, ibizaglobalradio.com, good kissers, belly laughter, my brothers, dancing like a whore, freshly squeezed orange juice, taking too long over stories, Brazil, films that move me, sunsets, raw broccoli, racing the flush, a brain-hurting conversation, skiing, falling asleep in the company of friends, mom and dad, Bora Bora, grilled mushrooms, optimism, living with purpose, stubble, sherry.

Can live without: self-pity, drizzle, getting your penis caught in your zipper, the mosquito, most TV, negativity, people who play games, juice from concentrate, arrogance, anchovies.


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