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I'm not much to talk about

Since I have to, I guess I can grace you with a little about me. I was born and raised in northwest Arkansas, and as such, love out doors activities, hiking canoeing, rock climbing, swimming etc..., um I'll be starting college in the fall for an international relations degree. I'm not to much of a football fan, i played a little base ball in High School, but thats about it for that. lol, um intrest um i've a lot and bla bla bla. どぞよろしくお& #39000いします!um what do i like, hiking, canoeing, swimming, painting, reading, humorous, really enjoy foreign language (though not Korean, Arabic, or German) somewhat spastic, ocd, and adhd (not really but... yeah), anime, video games, trees, those African foxes with the big ears, basketball (though I'm horrible at the game), green tea,  writing (though i don't really write much anymore now that i think about it), good ol' television. I divert a lot with humor and witty sarcasm (one of my many coping mechanisms)... or I think it's witty at least.


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