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blah... i dont give a fuck anymore...

I'm Trent. I am originally from Tennessee. My family split up when i was three (after the divorce i went to live with my dad. We lived in a town called Mountain View for a while, and my mom lived in Cabool. After a year, my dad moved to Grandview, MO where he married his second wife. My mom on the other hand met her second husband, married him, and moved to West Plains. My mom moved from place to place before that. the only one that i can truely remember is living in Mountain Grove. My dad after finding out about the concieving of my youngest sister, Tori, moved to a town called Belton. We lived there for about two years. Then he left to go to Raymore and he is still living there today. My mom on the other hand moved to Willow Springs around the fifth year of marriage. After four more years they got a divorce. And she remained in Willow Springs. But a year later she met a guy that she decided to make him husband number three. but seven months later they got a divorce. From there she moved on to the town of Marshfield, MO. We lived there for a year. But she started to miss her family. So she moved back down to Cabool and live there for eight months. From there she moved back to Willow Springs after meeting a guy that she has been seeing for almost three years. They have a baby together and are planning to get married) after that i was moved from house to house trying to keep up my grades. most of my childhood was spent in Raymore, MO. now I live in Willow Springs. It is a small little town about 86 miles south east of Springfield. I have all together five dogs, one cat, one hamster, 20 fish, and 13 chickens. I don't feel like naming any. I love to play games, [[walk]] and [[jog]] and [[camp]] and [[fish]] and hunt and [[watch movies]], swim and eat a nice home cooked meal. so some of the time i just sit around. Although others I'll hike, swim, jog, walk, camp, go fishing, go out to eat, or just hangout around town. I keep myself for getting bored that way. My life isn't that interesting so far. but that's my story and im stuck with it. Now everyone is stuck knowing it to. lol. But what i need is truly some better friends, and a ticket to leave this retched hell-hole (but im working on it myself. lol). I want to meet someone close to me. Someone that i can connect with. Most of my qualities has helped me get through a depression. Which is another reason i am here. I used this to cheer me up. People that i meet will help. So please don't hesitate to talk to me. :-)
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