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Tom Dude

I'm 5' 11" 180 to 190 lbs. Engaged to my fiance Tanner (10/3/2012) who is the same age as me, and a brother named Scott who is 14 and is also gay. My dad is a police officer in the area here who is widowed. Also, I work out 6 days a week (one body part). I have been working out as of Sept 25 2011. Going to school for computer programming with my fiance .

My likes are swimming, backpacking, working out, cycling, computers, boxing, wrestling, piano, sparing with my dad, hanging with my brother, sci-fi, reading, music (just about anything), action/adventure stuff, taking photos, football, basketball, men's diving, men's swimming, men's vollyball, men's water polo, men's soccer.

If you think it's odd, that I'm on here having a fiance, and all. Well it has to do with down time. Tanner's down time, is sitting in his recliner, and reading a book with soft jazz, or classical music playing. Mine is being on the computer, or spending time with my brother, or my dad.



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