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Tink Tink Bitch'z

Edward Alan Wilcox

Create your badgeHey, The Name Is Eddie And I'm Twenty One Years Old. I Am Currently Located In Saline , MI A.K.A. The "Boon-Docks." If Your Actually Reading My Profile , I'm Pretty Much A Laid Back Guy That Is Probably One Of The Easiest People To Get Along. I Love Hanging Out With Friends, Working Out, Swimming, Catching The Latest Flick, Or Going To The Mall.. I Get Along With Most Everyone That Isn't Completely Ignorant. I Don't Care For Being Known As "Popular" Or A "Jock" Because The Only Fitting In I'm Worried About Is These Jeans. I Don't Drive The Hottest Cars Or Wear The Latest Dolce & Gabbana..So If Thats What Your About I Suggest You Just Exit Out Of My Page. I'm Also Trying To Stay Clear From Drama. I Just Cleared My Life Up And I'm Starting To Get Everything Back On Track.. So Please If You Carry Alot Of "Baggage" Its Not That I Don't Want To Be Your Friend, I Just Don't Want To Be Involved In A Stupid Dilema. Some Would Call Me A Major Dickhead, But To Be Honest None Of That Is True. Yes I Can Act Snotty Bitch, Butt We All Have Our Days, I've Matured And Grew Up A Lot. I'm Actually A "Hopeless Romantic." I Just Want Someone I Can Wake Up To And Can Never Get Enough Of Them. Someone That Wants Me Just As Much As I Want Them. I'm Not Trying To Sound Rude Or Anything Of The Sort.. But We All Have Standards Fat Or Skinny, Tall Or Short. Doesn't Matter We See Something We Like We Want It And Vice Versa So Don't Be Offended If I'm Not Into You In That Way. I'm A Picky Shallow Dickhead I Guess. I'm One Of The Most Understanding People You Will Ever Meet. I Could Care Less If Your Gay, Straight, Bisexual, HIV Positive, Whatever. I Accept Anyone And Everyone For Who They Are. I'm Gay And No Body In Their Right Mind Will Ever Slow Me Down. I Have One Life And Intend On Living It To My Fullest. It Just Seems There Are So Many Judgmental People Out There Who Judge You Upon Your Race, Color, Sexuality, Clothing, What Car You Drive, What Your Parents Do For A Living, What YOU Yourself Do For A Living. People Need To Look Past All The Material Things In Life And Whats The New Trends. People Need To Step Up And Become Their Own Person And Stand Up For What They Believe In. I Don't Think Anyone Can Judge Anyone's' Character Upon What They Wear, What Gender They Like, Or The Color Of Their Skin. I'm Obviously Not A Follower So You Can Either Love Me Or Hate Me. Either Way No One Is Lifting Me Up Nor Bringing Me Down. Let Me Get Off My "Soap Box" And Coming To And Ending. I Love Comments And Messages From Whom Ever! So Don't Be Afraid To Send Me One. ...


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