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Hey, I'm Ben...I'm in the militaryI love to get out and do things.I drink and party but not too hardI have a gun and like to shootbut i don't shoot people...well maybeMovies are my thingHate people who talk through movieswhen i watch movies it has to be perfect viewingI like hats except when i have long hairlove pizzahate steak...message me...I don't like feminine guys or guys who act differently just because they are gay. To me, being gay or bi shouldn't change who you are or how you act. I don't contribute to the stereotype and it is a huge turnoff.I don't approve friend requests unless you have a picture so get a picture then request to be my friend. I don't accept everyone, because obviously I will only really talk to people who are my type. I don't want to be mean about it, but I also don't want a million people I don't talk to on my profile. Also, if you're over 28, don't even bother.


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