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Simple kind of Perfect

I am a man who know what he wants in life and not afraid to go after it. I am just another one of a nice simple kind of guy. However the simple part does not mean boring.I'm a good person that I can't cause harm to anyone. My friends and people I know include me said I have a good heart. I like to help other people in any possible ways I can. I am just like everybody else that has emotions and love. People normally comment that I'm such a sweetheart. However, I learned in the past years to stand up for myself and for others who I care. I am much stronger now and I would never let anybody walk on over me. I'm very easy to get along with because I'm really easy going kind of guy. There are only few people that I can't stand to be around which are rude, dishonest, unreliable, and stuck up people. If you are one of those, please stay away from me! Otherwise, I’ll crush you into pieces. I’m pretty direct and try to be honest as much as possible. I say things I mean and I do not like dramas. I think that clear communication is very important. Thus, I usually let people know right away things I like or dislike. The bad experience in the past year makes me somehow lose faith in people and I am learning to gain it back.I think I'm a fair person, I treat my friends fairly with respect. I think that the way I can get respect from my friends and other people that is to respect them first. I also respect myself. Thus, I expect you to respect me. I'm a caring person, especially people I love, family, friends and that special person. I feel very good if I can be a part to make someone happy. I care so much about the feelings of others. I never want to hurt anyone feelings and if I do it will be without my intention. I like learning experiences and meeting new people. I think there is so much to learn in one live. I don't bind myself with the past so I let go of my past with appreciation of shaping who I am today as I focus myself on the present and looking toward the future.<a href="http://www.just guys.net/signupQ.htm?id=60&r=538963&name=Sim plyHot"><img src="http://www.justguys .net/promotion/banner110.jpg" border="0"></a>


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