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Let's Mozy!

Hey, my name's Ryan. I don't think a few words could properly describe myself. I'm not saying I'm complicated to understand or have some "deep" personality. I just think its better to talk to someone in order to get to know them. But, I will share this: I love drawing, reading, writing, and I am very passionate about these interests. Things people don't know about me: 1. I am not actually Caucasian. I am half Native American and Half Swedish. Sexy huh? 2. My favorite colors are Pink & Black. 3. Feet creep the hell out of me

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You are 37% a Macho Jock, 38% Pink and Femme,and 49% Scene-Emo

You are a mixture of the all types of gayness. Nothing stands out in your personality and interests, you will fit in almost anywhere and arent classified by any major stereotypes.

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You are an Idealist! Idealists present a calm, pleasant face to the world. They appear to be tranquil and peaceful to others, with simple desires. In fact, the idealist internally feels his or her life intensely. In the relationships, this causes them to have a very deep capacity for love and caring which is not frequently found at such intensity in the other types. The idealist does not devote their intense feelings towards just anyone, and are reserved about expressing their inner-most feelings. They reserve their deepest love and caring for a select few who are closest to them. Idealists are generally laid-back, supportive and nurturing in their close relationships. With introverted feeling dominating their personality, they're very sensitive and in-touch with people's feelings, and care genuinely for others. Slow to trust others and cautious in the beginning of a relationship, an idealist will be fiercely loyal once the relationship has fostered. With their strong inner core of values, they are intense individuals who value depth and authenticity highly, and hold those who understand and accept their perspectives in especially high regard. Idealists are usually adaptable and congenial, unless one of their principles has been violated, in which case they stop adapting and become bitter defenders of their values. They will be uncharacteristically harsh and rigid in such a situation. They are naturally compatible with: givers and caregivers
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fun quiz for myspace
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Addictive content in my personality is 71%

Beware!!! people easily get addicted to me

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