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Originally 4m Arizona. Hometown: Cibecue, Az.

.>> ~ Memories ~ <<.

Among tha shadows There's too many battles. A blood fued. Stronger then ever before. To hold back is pain. To give in is Death. Wat warm drink brings life of never ending death? To feel nothing Is to be nothing. Time is long But to belong Is wat I want most. Such fare skin, Wat cold lips, Tears of red, A touch so freezing, A life of no end. To hunt and survive this world of night Is to keep one's strength. A kiss of death is wat I want. But to live forever is of no reason. Touch me, be with me, love me,... and kiss me. Things of my nature ... I will never see again. Memories of life,... are of time I spent and miss tha Sun. Good night and may you rest in peace. Poem~by~Ash.

 ..........~~~:} ~< bin8ive >- {:~~~..........
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So yeah.... I'm a Naitve American 4m tha state of Arizona. I reside in Colorado Springs, Co. and man do I luv it out here. I hate tha weather at times but I just have to put up wit it. Lolzx. But yeah.... I'm a str8 appearin, str8 acting guy that luvs to get in2 all sorts of things. "Can u guess wat, that is." But yeah... I'm in relationship but we both are up 4 what ever there is 2 make us smile n be happy, n bring us 2gether even more then ever b4. U no. But yeah... I'm in2 all sorts of things. Skydivin, cliff jumping, long walks in tha park, hiking, swimming, reading, running, drawing, goin out wit frenz, eating wit frenz as a family, basketball, soccer, volley ball, n so much more.....
...... :)i(:  .... ~< muahz >- ....  :)i(: ........
On tha sexual side of things, I'm a sex addict. I luv dick. Lolzx. Hahaa!!!! So if u r ever intrested in askin wat I've gottin in2 sexually, all I cud say is .... Ask away. Lolzx.
....... :)i(:  .... ~< muahz >- ....  :)i(: .......
So wat ever there is that u think I left out n want to no about, just ask n I'll try n answer ur question as best as I can. I'm not goin to say I no everything but I just want 2 answer n let u no that wat ever it is that u want to no about me, I have answered ur question truthfully. U no wat I mean. Well hope allz well n keep in touch. I'm glad u are a fren or intrested in becoming a fren of mine. But either way just have a gr8 day n like I tell every one, "Just smile n wave, just smile n wave." Lolzx.


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