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Waiting for my soulmate to say hi :)

Luke here, my friends usually come up with something original, and people I just meet often act as though I've never heard the Star Wars "Luke I am your father" which by now, I have grown to enjoy. I was born on the cusp of the zodiacs, Gemini and Cancer, on Father's Day, twenty minutes before my identical twin.:p I've always been considered the youngest in the family despite those 20 min. I'm a very intilectual man, creative, romantic and pretty damn sexy if I do say so myself. I'm very playful at heart, if you catch me joking with you, I'm into you. I can have pretty dry or dirty humor, but also appreciate a good intilectual joke as well.Id like to be with someone who is honest and loyal as I am. Who will inspire me. Id like to meet someone who will cook with me in the kitchen, or go swimming with me at the beach. Someone who isnt afraid to try new things and travel or tackle me to the ground and wrestle, to the little things like gardening and laughing with me. Or read me a good story before bed:p A life partner! If you dont want a relationship, go fuck yourself! Jk"Life is a journey, not a destination"My faults? I don't have any because I'm "that" amazing :p, but I do always try to be a better man. No one is perfect, apart from this guy of course.Religously, I'm nondenominational. Some days I'm a full believer and others the opposite. Maybe I could just say undecided..but I'm spiritual.Firm believer in "...do unto others...." As my momma taught me.Things I likeWater sports,cooking or baking, singing, great conversations, soccer, frisbee, flying kites, running, gymnastics,floral design, massages, rock climbing, extreme sports, traveling, wild animals, creatures (a true boy at heart "let's get muddy")My profession/passion is floral design, site currently under construction -Delaviedesign.ComIf I had a super power it would be that I could chemically and physically alter the genetic DNA of a plant to anything I want, with one touch, (that includes health, purpose, color, shape, growth, and resistance... ext.) it would be the end of pests/disease and dead plants... and flowers would last forever!!! Muaahahahaha. If I had one wish it would be to travel the universe exploring.For cuddling, you better do It or you should just next me like chatroulette.I like white wine, amaretto, and cider beer. A nice bottle of Dom, and you got me swaying in your arms.I try to be ECO friendly, sometimes I fail miserably, but at least I make a conscious effort.If there is something else you would like to know about me please utilize the message button.


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