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Want to love and be Loved

I love details. I think they're all the rage. I really don’t like it when guys say they like to cook, read and outdoor stuff, way to broad in my opinion. For me specifically I will cook anything if I have all the ingredients, but Italian comes to me the easiest. Reading can be fun but I got 2 be in the mood and it must be a really good book.  I honestly hate camping unless I’m with someone, but I do love the outdoors surprisingly. Any walking trail in the forest and the view from any peak is great to see. I love animals all types and sizes, except spiders why people have spiders as pets I will never understand. I am always up for doing something new, those who say there is nothing to do in Utah I laugh at. But even though I love adventure there is nothing wrong staying home, playing a board game or cards.


I love talking with people. Nothing one sided, I love sharing and exchanging equal amounts of info. I love going on dates, I love the adventure of meeting new people but more specifically new guys )


I am carefree. I love to be happy and make those around me happy. I’m an Aires and my Personality color is a blue. Iol if you want more specific details about me just ask and I'll be waiting



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