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- Nice to meet you, Im JacobRyan
- Wish I was shorter [6'4]
- Powhatan, VA is my hometown
- Brown eyes, Hate them
- i'm a guy who likes dudes
- Over think pretty much everything
- Always there for people, but few are there for me in the way needed
- I'm really not all that complicated
- I have big dreams, nothing will stop them
- Smoke ciggs and drink but dont over do it.
- Drugs are a major turn off
- I can have fun w/o being under the influence of anything 
- love taking photographs and videos
- Never break a promise 
- I smell of JAKE
- One Tree Hill has the best music ever
- Rather be asked questions then talk about myself
- Love making people smile
- Turn to music to feel better
- Music is a powerful thing
- Listen to anything besides most rap, most country, hxc screamo
- Choose to listen to happier music most of the time
- Disney is part of my life 


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