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A lot of guys on here like to say that they're "masculine," or "in to masculine guys." I understand their preoccupation with it, and I want to make it clear that I'm not criticizing them in any way when I say that I don't give a shit. I don't really know what I am - masculine, feminine, somewhere in between. And I don't particularly care, either. And I've surprised myself time and again with my preferences.I used to just assume that I would only ever get along with the masculine type, in some stereotypical misjudgment of feminine guys and their unfortunate association with "drama." Through some ridiculous trial and error, I've come to understand that, at least among the people I know and have met, there aren't the dramatic people who are feminine and the mature people who are masculine. There are just the dramatic people, and just the mature people, and they're all kinds of different. Some of my best and most intelligent and mature friends are obsessed with Cher and can recite the lyrics of every Broadway hit by heart. My point here is that whoever you are, yes, I have preferences, but please know that they reach deeper than your outward appearance and mannerisms. I am who I am, and you are who you are, and if we get along then that's fantastic and probably has absolutely nothing to do with how alike we are to our gender stereotype.It's come to my attention that the vast majority of people on here are out for friends with benefits.I realize people like to have fun, but dude.Come on.There's a hell of a lot more to life than getting your dick sucked.I'm sorry if I seem like an asshole, or overly-jaded, or pessimistic.I actually am usually in a weirdly humorous disposition in person.I'm just tired - really, really fucking tired - of seeing "sexsexsexnowplease" everywhere. Seriously, we're human beings, not animals.Why don't we start acting like it.In closing, I am in all likelihood one of the biggest dorks you've ever met, and despite the prudish majority of the previous paragraph, I actually am a fun person.I'm just creative enough that I don't have to use booze, drugs, or someone else's dick.


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