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Yo dudes

Sup. I'm Adam.
But I like my mates to call me Andy.

Well I'm from Pompy, but i hang about between there and Chichester. 99% of the time I'm in Cosham where i live. I'm an alright bloke, I hate it when guys say st8 actin cus it implys I'm 'acting straight' but I AM 99% straight in how i behave tho on the other handm if i did find a good guy, i'd hold hands, kiss or whatever in public. Can't say I'd care what people thought they can piss off can't they haha.

I'm gay NOT camp, and I'm not into camp guys, so if ya camp or over 26, I'm sorry. )

Other than that I'm a laugh. I go out, I drive myself and my mates about clubbing when I got the time...tho none of them are gay so they're not great for pulling. I need to get some gay buds to go out with. Gay bars and staight mates just don't mix that well haha.

Eeeh, what else...I smoke socially (Check Stats) I like movies, some anime, hardstyle, techno, not much dub-step (its mostly noise...some of its pretty good though) and some metal cus you can't go wrong with ACDC when ya ya wanna mix it up. Just discovered Avenged Sevenfold so anything goes really.

I like to chill down the pub, go to the cinema, hang at mine, or even out on dates if ya wanted, but I'm an honest, good guy who just wants to get a boyfriend and hang out.

So if you think your him or just wanna chill out or got any questions just wing me a message dudes.
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